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Wednesday, November 28

9:00am GMT

It is not about being fast, it is about making impact
Speaker pitch
AutoScout24 is working the Agile Way for 10 years now. On this journey, we realized that delivering fast and reliable is worth nothing as long as you don’t make any difference to your customers and your company. So we are not (only) optimizing for throughput and cycle time. Furthermore, we are trying to optimize the impact we achieve.
One of our best tools is Kanban, implemented on all three flight levels. Our company wall starts with the strategy and KPI’s of each of our cross-functional units and ends with ”Measure Success” and ”Impact Achieved”.

Le mot de l’organisation
Un autre orateur que nous sommes allés chercher à Lean Agile US. Si John Cutler nous parle produit plus que livrable, Matthias Patzak part de Kanban pour aller vers la mesure du succès.
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Matthias Patzak

Who are you ?I am a 42 year old father of two cool kids and husband of a great wife. A snowboarder, lousy Playstation gamer, motivated IT guy who love to make things happen. A learner, a seeker. Sceptic on frameworks and recipes for agile transformations.What do you do for a living?Last... Read More →

Wednesday November 28, 2018 9:00am - 9:50am GMT
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10:05am GMT

Beyond "Outcome vs. Outputs"
Beyond Outcomes vs. Outputs — Russian Dolls & Broken Promises
“Outcomes, not outputs!” is a common rallying call these days. To passionate problem solvers, this message likely resonates. Who wants to work in a Tayloristic feature factory as a glorified ticket taker? Who wants to ship prescriptive deliverables with disregard for the impact of our work (the “outcomes”)?
No one! But….
But the “outcome vs. outputs” narrative and dichotomy is far too simplistic. At its worst, it actually marginalizes teams, encourages handoffs, and reinforces silos. The reality is rarely that binary. Teams eagerly attempt to realize the promise of outcome-driven approaches, but struggle with the details. Tools like OKRs only seem to exacerbate the problem, becoming more of a nuisance and hoop-to-jump-through than a learning/alignment enabler.  Even our work visualizations — kanban boards, for example — can obscure how our interventions and “bets” are truly related.
In this talk we’ll explore a more nuanced view of outcomes and outputs through the lens of value creation networks, bets, and promises-in-progress. I will cover:
  • Impulse and response — why we tend to overlook the passing of time
  • Connecting day to day work to the “big picture”
  • A framework to discuss “prescriptiveness”. Finding the sweet spot for your teams
  • Why outputs aren’t inherently bad — but disconnecting them from outcomes is
  • Assumption mapping, nested bets, and dueling with uncertainty
  • Promises-in-progress: how visualizing the work is not enough…
My goal for this talk is to expand beyond overly simplistic views, while staying actionable and grounded in the reality of our day to day work. I’m excited to attend FlowCon to learn, collaborate, and contribute!

Le mot de l’organisation
John Cutler, c’est pour nous une des références actuelles sur les questions produit. Et s’il est aussi bon dans ses tweets et ses articles qu’en talk, ça va être d’enfer.
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John Cutler

Who are you ?John Cutler…new dad, musician, late-night blog post writer, and product development / product management nerd.What do you do for a living ?Currently I am an independent coach for product development teams. I enjoy the flexibility as I get to spend time with my newly... Read More →

Wednesday November 28, 2018 10:05am - 10:55am GMT
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